80% of Europe’s most visited places are historically significant. Some of these places still show visual reminders of the past, but at hardly any you actually experience the historic environment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel in a time machine and truly experience past worlds. TimeTravel provides this unique experience in an app filled with historic street views. You become enchanted by the historic 3D views of the spot in the past. Through your smartphone or tablet you get a 360 degree view in 3 dimensions.

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Tourism, education and spatial development

The TimeTravel app enriches your experience by offering additional information through hotspots on interesting features. By clicking the hotspots visitors are treated to video, imagery and spoken word about the historical environment. This helps you to understand where you are and what you are seeing. TimeTravel even provides for a view into future developments of the world around you!

Promote local products and services

 TimeTravel also tells the story of the present day location; its shops, bars, restaurants and cultural highlights. It provides a great platform for city marketing, local advertisers, travel organisations, education and multimedia applications.

Travelling through time layers

TimeTravel creates a digital representation of different time layers; Medieval times, the booming 19th century or an impression of the area’s future planning. Visitors can then choose to travel to different historical highlights or off into the future.

Our ambition

The TimeTravel ambition is to bring history to life at 50.000 historical sites across the world!

Making of TimeTravel

Multidisciplinary team

TimeTravel has a team of experts in the field of archeology and cultural history, architecture and landscaping, mobile technology and 3D-visualisation, gaming and social media, city marketing, education and tourism. Supporting scientific research is done in collaboration with Delft University of Technology (technology), University of Amsterdam (history and archeology) and Saxion University of Applied Sciences (tourism and gaming).

Development and management

The platform of TimeTravel where the applications could be downloaded, is warded 24/7. It provides functions for financial settlement of paid downloads and settlement with involved parties. The apps are designed by TimeTravel specialists. They have a very extensive, up to date, database of images and documents. This guarantees a correct and exact reproduction of the historical location.


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