National Geographic discovers TimeTravel

National Geographic discovers TimeTravel

We are so excited that National Geographic chose our app TimeTravel Amsterdam to star in their tv-show World Smart Cities Amsterdam! World Smart Cities focuses on new technologies that change the way people experience cities. National Geographic announces: “In Amsterdam, we meet a pioneering group of digital mappers, hackers and software junkies who are transforming the way visitors can explore their city. These pioneers are breaking new ground, helping to reveal Amsterdam as never seen before.” In this episode managing director of TimeTravel Boudewijn Goudswaard talks about the possibilities of the TimeTravel app. TimeTravel makes it possible for an Amsterdam tourist or inhabitant to travel back in time to Amsterdam in the 1600’s. Step into a 3D world of the past and experience the enormous changes Amsterdam has gone through in a few centuries.

We are already looking forward to develop TimeTravel for other world cities…

Dam Square


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