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Leiden – Matilo limes

The Roman Castellum Matilo was build as a part of the preparations for the invasion of Great Brittain. By the time of the Batavian uprising (69-70 CE) ,however, the fortress  was most certainly there.

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TimeTravel valkenburg


As one of the most researched Castellums of the Limes line, the fortress of Valkenburg surely stands out amongst the other available TimeTravel locations.

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Ockenburgh Kijkduinpark

Ockenburgh – Kijkduinpark

The findings at Ockenburgh Kijkduinpark is the main evidence for the existence of the Roman defensive system along the coast. The fortification at Ockenburgh has been used for no more than 30 yars, from about 150 to 180 A.D.

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TimeTravel Amsterdam

Amsterdam – Dam Square

Experience Dam Square, in the middle of Amsterdam, before the royal palace was build, when it was still connected to the port of Amsterdam and the centre of world trade.

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Boxmeer Sterckwijck

Boxmeer – Sterckwijck

How did people live in the Stone Age? What happened to the deceased in the Bronze Age? What did a roman farm looked like? How was a medieval farmer supposed to survive harsh winters?

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TimeTravel Bodegraven

Bodegraven – Limes

Time Travel Bodegraven takes you to the wooden castellum that stood here in the first century after Christ. Through this app you can literally look around in the fort.

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TimeTravel Katijk

Katwijk – Limes

The Brittenburg is the most mysterious fortress of the Roman Limes line. Despite many descriptions no one knows exactly where the fortress once stood. Now TimeTravel Katwijk makes it reappear!

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TimeTravel Limes

Zwammerdam – Limes

In Zwammerdam was a Roman fortress located, together with a civilian settlement and quays.

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TimeTravel Cuijk


Cuijk already excists for more than 1500 years! Walk with romans across the bridge, pay a visit at the fortress or the port and experience what life was like for the people who lived outside the fortress.

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TimeTravel Boxmeer

Boxmeer – Steenstraat

Experience the ‘Steenstraat’ in Boxmeer around 1800, when a lot of silversmiths worked in this street. Their silverware was used in the procession of Boxmeer.

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TimeTravel Dalfsen


Explore this archeological treasure. From the largest cemetery of the builders of dolmens to present day.

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