TimeTravel – Amsterdam

TimeTravel Amsterdam – Dam Square

This year we proudly presented TimeTravel Amsterdam; Dam Square. The first TimeTravel app which shows us the streetview of the past. Dam Square in Amsterdam was chosen as location of the first TimeTravel app for obvious reasons. It’s the most famous square in the heart Amsterdam. Everyday thousands of people cross this spot on their way to Amsterdam Central Station or into the city. Besides the lots of people who cross this spot Dam Square is one of the most, if not the most, historic place of Amsterdam. On this spot, the first residents builded the dam in the river Amstel, which gave Amsterdam it’s name. Later on the water near the dam became the port of Amsterdam during the golden age of the Netherlands. With money earned in this world trade, the city builded a majestic town hall at the dam. This became the current Royal Palace. And now we all can travel back in time to 1605.

In the TimeTravel app you can see the port yourself, just like the old town hall and the disappeared weigh house. Several buttons will give more information about the visible buildings. Whether you are a tourist visiting the city or a lifelong resident, TimeTravel is the best tour guide during a visit to Dams Square. You won’t hear about, you won’t just see it, you will experience history. Nothing will make you better understand this special place in the heart of Amsterdam.

TimeTravel Amsterdam


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