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TimeTravel provides this unique experience to travel between past, present and future, in an app filled with an historic streetview. TimeTravel will guide you at many historical sights. You will be able to travel through different historical stages, and easily get an (over) view of the changes and developments of these places during the last few centuries. Changes so big, that most of the time you won’t even recognize older situations.

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Why TimeTravel?

  • Streetview of the past
  • Virtual experience
  • Tourist information

Bringing history to life in 360° on your smartphone and tablet

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TimeTravel creates a digital representation of different time layers; Medieval times, the booming 19th century or an impression of the area’s future planning. Visitors can then choose to travel to different historical highlights or off into the future.

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Leiden – Matilo limes

The Roman Castellum Matilo was build as a part of the preparations for the invasion of Great Brittain. By the time of the Batavian uprising (69-70 CE) ,however, the fortress  was most certainly there.

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TimeTravel valkenburg


As one of the most researched Castellums of the Limes line, the fortress of Valkenburg surely stands out amongst the other available TimeTravel locations.

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Ockenburgh Kijkduinpark

Ockenburgh – Kijkduinpark

The findings at Ockenburgh Kijkduinpark is the main evidence for the existence of the Roman defensive system along the coast. The fortification at Ockenburgh has been used for no more than 30 yars, from about 150 to 180 A.D.

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